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ESRI Digital Library

ESRI Data & Maps Media Kit

This CD/DVD collection (available in the Digital Libraries), published by the Environmental Studies Research Institute, consists of 8 disks total and comes with the ArcView software package. The contents of the disks include (but are not confined to) the following topics:


  • Country and Administrative Unit Boundaries and Major Cities
  • Demographics
  • Places and airports
  • Lakes and rivers


  • Country and Statistical Unit Boundaries, Cities, and Urbanized Areas
  • Highways, Rivers, and Railroads
  • Regional, Country, and Provice/State-level Demographics


  • Provincial Boundaries and Cities
  • Highways, Railways, and Water Bodies


  • State Boundaries and Cities
  • Highways, Lakes and Rivers
  • Demographics

United States:

  • States, Counties, Cities, Places, ZIP Code Areas (3- and 5-digit)
  • Census Boundaries (Urbanized Areas, Tracts, Block Groups)
  • Congressional Districts
  • Roads and Highways, Water Bodies
  • GDT Landmarks (e.g. Recreation Areas, Transportation Terminals)
  • Geographic Names Information System Cultural Points (e.g. Churches, Hospitals)
  • National Transportation Atlas
  • National Atlas of the United States

Please note that the data on the "Data & Maps" disks that ESRI distributes with its desktop GIS software are not "backwards compatible." They cannot be read by earlier versions of the desktop software (e.g. the data that come with ArcView 9.x cannot be read by ArcView 8.x) due to the file compression that ESRI applies to the data. However, it is possible to convert the data so that they can be used with earlier versions of ArcView. Please if you will need assistance with this task.

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